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Project Description
The TFS Build Monitor is a windows application that monitors both TFS build status and build qualities and alerts people when status or quality changes occur.
At this stage alerts can sent to either:
* Twitter, or
* a USB Build Light

This project was originally written to support the DevGarten community project run during Microsoft Tech.Ed Australia 2008 and is now available for people to play with and have fun with, so enjoy!

Samples of Twitter updates can be seen at the Twitter Feed

The build lamp we currently support is the Delcom USB Visual Signal Indicator which works great as a build status light (see the picture below).
When the build is good, the lamp is green - when it breaks the lamp goes red. The light will flash yellow when a build is in progress and partial success is shown by both red & green LEDs lighting up.

Setting It Up
To install, simply unzip the download to a location on your machine and run the executable. The application is a simple WPF application and can be minimized to your system tray.

Note that as of version 0.2 you need to have Team Explorer 2008 installed.

Configuration Settings

This project utilises the hard work of TwitterN library and thanks the Amplify team for their great Twitter helper library.

How to Help
We have plenty of room for improvement and could do with some more help so if you want to be involved in making this a better tool please get in touch.

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